TUBO 12 Evacuated Tube Collector
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Evacuated Tube Collector

The TUBO 12 is a newly developed evacuated tube collector. It significantly stands out from other evacuated collectors on the market on account of its tubing concept, its construction and the choice of materials. Especially in autumn, winter and spring, when the demand for heat is at its peak, the TUBO 12 yields considerably more solar heat than flat plate collectors.

The vacuum between the inner and outer tubes acts as an excellent insulator so hardly any heat is lost. This means that they can be 30 - 50% more efficient than the flat plate collector especially for high temperature hot water systems or where the outside temperature is very cold.

The tried-and-tested hydraulic plugin system enables quick and easy installation without tools

The TUBO 12 has a very attractive design and is one of the flattest collectors on the European market at only 55mm. There is no bulky casing and the connection box is not visually noticeable. The modules frameless, self-supporting construction allows up to 12 modules to be combined to appear as one unit.

The frameless, flat construction of the collectors uses less materials and therefore less energy for manufacturing.

Quality Materials

The TUBO 12 is manufactured using high quality materials for a long working life for your solar thermal installation. The glass tubes are made from a type of glass called Borosilicate which is very strong and has excellent light transparency. The tubes have 13% thicker glass than the standard make and individually undergo strict quality testing.

The inner tube is made of a copper-nickel alloy as this can withstand consistently higher temperatures than ordinary copper and it is also very corrosion-resistant and durable.


With almost all tube collectors on the market the connections are situated at the top. Since the arrangement of the collector tubing has a significant impact on its operating characteristics, the base connections of TUBO 12 are an important development with fundamental advantages:

  • During the installation shutdown in summer the solar fluid is expelled quickly from TUBO 12 through the base connections. The anti-freeze agent therefore lasts longer and the other components are also preserved.
  • The warm air in the tube cannot escape, as the tube is sealed at the top. More heat can be utilised.
  • Condensation, which can build up in humid weather conditions, can drain directly downwards out of the tube, thereby removing the threat of glass tube breakage in the case of winter frost.
Easy Installation

The unusually low weight of the collector (16.4 kg) makes installation very easy.

  • Width of only 62.5 cm the TUBO 12 will fit through an attic window so there would be no need for a crane.
  • The modules can be mounted horizontally or vertically on sloping roofs, flat roofs and facade mounting.
  • Large continuous fields of collectors can be integrated into an architecturally stunning design.

Consolar Guarantee the TUBO 12 against high temperature corrosion (scaling) for 10 years.

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