High Efficiency Solar Systems

Consolar - High efficiency solar systems

Consolar - High Efficiency Solar Systems

Consolar UK are the UK distributors of Consolar thermal products for water heating and space heating systems, these include thermal stores, flat plate solar collectors, evacuated tube solar collectors and the SOLAERA heat pump system.

By developing innovative solar thermal systems Consolar intends to support the transition to renewable energy supply. Reliable, cooperative relationships are the basis for our actions.

Consolar started in 1994 with offices in Weil on Rhein and in Frankfurt on Main. One and a half years later, the company opened a production hall in Lörrach.

The range of products developed over the years: At first the company produced plastic stratified storage tanks and collectors. After some time Consolar became a provider of solar systems.

Consolar’s leadership in terms of efficiency in the solar heating sector has been proven time and again by regular ground-breaking innovations.

Today, Consolar offers solar systems for water heating and heating support and complete solar heating for low-energy building standards, based on biomass and new heat pumps. For all details, please get in touch.

Solus II thermal store


We are the UK distributor for the Consolar SOLUS II thermal store, this can be supplied in a range of different sizes and integrated with all types of boiler and heating systems. It uses Consolars' cleverly designed and patented thermo-siphon high efficiency heat exchangers to heat the store from the solar system and provide pressurised hot water

The heat exchanger construction is such that...

Tubo II evacuated tube collector


The TUBO 12 is a newly developed evacuated tube collector.

It significantly stands out from other evacuated collectors on the market on account of its tubing concept, its construction and the choice of materials. Especially in autumn, winter and spring, when the demand for heat is at its peak, the TUBO 12 yields considerably more solar heat than...


For energy generation in the heating sector, a decentralised heat supply plays an increasingly important role.

Often, several energy sources are used in the building, which contribute to the heat and power supply in parallel or alternatively under certain conditions.

Since the supply of renewable energy is also very variable both in the daytime and...


SOLINK combines the high efficiency of ground source heat pumps with the advantages of air heat pumps

Silent operation and flexible use on roofs or facades make the collector attractive as an energy source for electricity and heat. SOLINK was specially developed for heat pumps.

Coupling with geothermal probes is not necessary due to...


Our core technical competences are complete, highly efficient systems for supplying energy to residential buildings with the following characteristics:

  • Increasing ratio of solar supply, medium term 100% solar,
  • High efficiency, quality and durability,
  • Economical, compared to conventional and regenerative energy systems,
  • Sparing use of materials, forward-looking selection of materials, preferably regenerative and/or raw materials which are environmentally-friendly and easy to recycle.

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