Consolar Thermal Stores awarded the Blue Angel

The SOLUS II 560L and SOLUS II 1050L thermal stores from Consolar have been awarded the Blue Angel seal for optimising energy savings and climate protection. The steel combination thermal stores won the award for their particularly good energy-saving characteristics as they both have very effective heat insulation, which achieves optimum energy savings and reduces energy costs. Thermal Stores are especially useful in combination with solar collectors to bridge the time difference between heat availability through the sun's radiation and hot water consumption. According to the independent jury, this task is fulfilled optimally by both these thermal stores. The models SOLUS II 560L and 1050L are thus the only steel combination thermal stores on the market that carry the Blue Angel seal. More information on Consolars thermal stores

Maximum energy savings for hot water and heating

The SOLUS II systems can help save up to 40 per cent of the annual energy requirements for hot water and heating, considerably reducing CO2 emissions. The patented design of the combination thermal store guarantees very rapid and high utilisation of the solar energy. The Consolar thermal store leads the market due to its special patented stratification system, which means two or three times more water can be heated than compared with similar systems. This means that the boiler doesn't need to fire up as often therefore saving more energy, carbon and money. Both SOLUS II systems from the Comfort-Pro series have an additional hot water heat exchanger, which means an even greater volume of water can be heated simultaneously.

Water is heated very quickly in a continuous flow which greately improves water hygiene as the hot water is not stored for a long time in one place as in a conventional hot water storage tank. Owing to their stratification principle, the SOLUS II combination thermal stores have a relatively high storage capacity compared with many conventional combination thermal stores and therefore need not reheat so frequently. The high-performance insulating system of the tank and the specially developed heat retarders for the connections efficiently store the heat and reduce heat loss to a minimum.

The SOLUS II 560L will supply hot water for between two and seven people and the SOLUS II 1050L between two and ten people. The environment-friendly combination thermal stores can be easily integrated into all heating systems such as radiators, wall or under-floor heating systems. They can be used together with existing or new pellet, wood, oil or gas boilers and can be very well combined with heat pumps. Meanwhile over 30,000 systems have been equipped with a SOLUS system and TUBO evacuated tube collectors. More information on Consolars thermal stores.

What is the blue angel

The Blue Angel was the first environmental seal (ecolabel) in the world and it has been setting standards for environmently-friendly products and services since it was introduced in 1978. The Blue Angel is awarded by an independant jury consisting of representatives from enviromental and consumer associations, trade unions, industry, trade, crafts, local authorities, science, the media, churches and the federal states in accordance with defined criteria devised by the Federal Ministry for the Enviroment.

The seal promotes the concerns of environmental and consumer protection. It is awarded to products and services which are particularly beneficial for the environment taking into account their entire life cycle — from manufacturing to disposal, and which also fulfill high standards of occupational health and safety and fitness for use.